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Jenny (Jiyeon) Kang

Currently Digital Designer @Enigma

Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology 17’

BFA in Visual Media Design, BA in Public Relations and Advertising 14’


 +1 646 283 4556


Hi! I’m Jenny(Jiyeon).

I'm particularly interested in visualizing complex ideas, mapping data to find hidden insights, transforming physical data to digital. I'm currently at Enigma, a data management company in NYC. 


I love to go to events related to Data, UX, and Design and meet up with diverse people:) Check out my ongoing activities!


My Vision and Goal as A Designer

“Everyone designs, who devises a course of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.”

This quote by Herbert Simon is well suited to my vision of the ‘design for experience.’ In my view, a designer is a person who finds solutions for a better quality of life. In this sense, I have always wanted to be a designer who improves the present situation and creates ‘optimal experiences’ for people.

In our current society, the designers’ role is extending, keeping pace with rapidly developing technology and a new media environment. We, designers, are not only concerned with the aesthetic form of products, but also their context. For this, we need to consider human behavior patterns, cultural aspects and also be aware of the new media environment in the market. This means that designers need to consider users’ feelings, thinking, behavior and relationships people build as well. As a young and enterprising designer, I would like to research user experience and interaction design to create positive experiences for life. That’s why I’m eager to pursue further study in the field of design for experience based on wearable technology.

Furthermore, I tried to raise my understanding about human beings by taking various classes in the humanities like psychology, philosophy and history because of my cross-disciplinary interests. I am always interested in people around me and try to understand my contemporaries through real life as well as through steady reading of diverse books and being aware of history and culture. Essentially, I think that understanding humanity is critical to ‘design for experience,’ which provides pleasant experiences to users and consumers. To predict future lifestyle and technology, I believe that it is not enough to catch rapidly changing tech trends themselves, but we also need to be aware of past human history as an intrinsic approach. Specifically, I want to shape the future of Interaction Design through my interests in empirical philosophy and eastern philosophy, which has a deep understanding of humans, adapting this philosophy and mind to design for people and developing human-oriented technologies. Specifically, I will research wearable technology and Internet of Things (IOT) and create interactive designs for apps and services in new devices for healthcare, living, automobiles, etc. Furthermore, it will be adapted to interactive spaces for exhibitions and brands that provide optimal experiences in our future hyper-connected era.

For me, design is not just a job, but it is my life pattern and habit, deeply rooted in my daily life and thinking system. Naturally, I’ve followed my vision in design since I was young and I will never stop pursuing it. My personal motto in life is to ‘never stop learning to innovate for the future and ultimately, to make people happy via design.’ Furthermore, I want to be a designer who considers our ecosystem carefully. 


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