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Jiyeon (Jenny) Kang

Currently Digital Designer @Enigma

Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology 17’

BFA in Visual Media Design / BA in Public Relations and Advertising 14’


 +1 646 283 4556


Hi! I’m Jiyeon (Jenny)

I'm a designer with 10-years of experience since I've professionally started studying design in 2009. My passion for design started when I was a little kid— I grew up in a place where it was filled with my mom's textile design artworks, when I was 7, I used to create pixel art icons for my dad's computer desktop, and my favorite activity in middle school was to make custom graphic design cards for my friends using Adobe design software.

I've been enthusiastically carrying over my passion, moving from Seoul to New York where I did my master's studies in Design and Technology— now particularly interested in data visualization, computational arts, product UX/UI design. I want to be a designer who bridges the gap between engineering and design.

I'm currently working at Enigma, a data technology company near Flatiron district in Manhattan, as a Digital Designer focusing on information visualization and data product UI/UX design.

I always love to go to meet diverse people in the city, talking over similar interests in Data, UX, and Design.

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A Vision for Smarter Dashboard UI

I'm attending fitness classes at Chelsea Piers Sports center since last year and joined a new class called Breakaway 101 which was a thought breaking workout experience for me because this is what I have wanted to design during my master's studies.

The dynamic color changing UI along with each bike's signal light and room LED lights by tracking RPM data depending on the users' different workout levels, speeds and consistency while cycling fascinated me a lot while experiencing the cycling workout.

I eager to design a real-time dashboard UI that reacts to user's activity in real time while it's interface is visually enhancing the communication and awarness between users and their activities at the moments. I have always wanted to design the interaction between the users and their data which gives simple, powerful real-time workout motivation through visual communication.

Jiyeon Kang