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Jenny Kang

UX/UI Designer + Coder in NYC


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Hi! thanks for checking out my website. I recently earned my master's degree in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design where I studied various emerging technologies from Physical Computing, Data Visualization, Web Development, Creative Coding, VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Before, I double-majored in Visual Media Design and Public Relations & Advertising in Seoul, Korea.

I'm particularly interested in visualizing complex ideas, mapping data to find hidden insights, transforming physical data to digital. I'm currently at Enigma, a data management company in NYC. 


In my free time, I like to read books, go to museum, events, conferences and meet new people in the field, Let's stay in touch.

Check out my ongoing activities related to Data, UX, and Design :)


Introducing D3.js (Presentation)

Starting my graduate study, I had one specific goal in my mind -- mastering d3.js which is a javascript library to create interactive data visualization.

I took relevant courses at Parsons MFADT, such as Data Visualization and Information Aesthetics, Interactive Data Visualization, Web Advanced Javascript, Map As Media in order to develop my skills and knowledge in data visualization and mapping.

In Data Visualization & Information Aesthetics course, I had a chance to research and introduce about d3.js in front of the class.

Jiyeon Kang