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Jenny (Jiyeon) Kang

Currently Digital Designer @Enigma

Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology 17’

BFA in Visual Media Design, BA in Public Relations and Advertising 14’


 +1 646 283 4556


Hi! I’m Jenny(Jiyeon).

I'm particularly interested in visualizing complex ideas, mapping data to find hidden insights, transforming physical data to digital. I'm currently at Enigma, a data management company in NYC. 


I love to go to events related to Data, UX, and Design and meet up with diverse people:) Check out my ongoing activities!


Large System - Data Snipping, Amazon DynamoDB, Real-time data visualization



Motivated by my interest in cloud computing, database and network, I took Large System course at Parsons MFA D+T. I learned how to build databases through networks using AmazonAWS DynamoDB and other cloud service platform. Also, I experiment with Wireshark to capture data being transmitted on a network. For the final project, I tried to build a monitoring system that visualizes real-time data from humidity sensor, using Plotly and




Data Sniffing




Plotly + Humidity Sensor + Node.js

Jiyeon Kang