J Kang

Reading Mate

Physical Computing, Product Design

LED Bookmark Light (Bookmark + Reading Light)

I designed LED bookmark reading light to give humor and brightness to ordinary lives. Reading is one of the mundane behaviors in our daily, and sometimes it's boring and burdensome. 

The bright rabbit reading light is fun and cute, but still functional as both a bookmark and reading light. It will be your smiley friend that lights up when you read a book alone in a dark room.


Screen+Shot+2016-03-23+at+7.06.46+PM (1).png

LED Bookmark Reading Light is a tiny and cute reading mate for active readers who read a book even at night before bed. I really like reading books and I sometimes read a book before bed even after turning off the light. From my life experience, I made a tiny little reading mate which lights up when reading books. My idea was combining a bookmark and a reading light. Also, to control the light, I used a sliding potentiometer as a variable resistor and also designed it as a product. I wanted to make a practical product with the Arduino for this project.