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Enigma Engineering Page 2018


Concept Development: Visual storyboarding working with VP of Finance

Design: Sketches and digital design

Code: CSS, SVG front-end code animation

Tools: Illustrator, HTML/CSS/SVG

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Designed and developed animated infographics for Engineering > Technology and Team page on Enigma.com homepage and animated graphics using HTML/CSS/SVG animation codes. These infographics successfully drew engineers’ attentions and we heard a lot of positive feedback from engineering candidates.

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Code animation development

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 10.03.38 PM.png


The inspiration for this Engineering “Team” culture animation came from the idea of “Cellular Automata” and “Swarm Intelligence”. which represents the spirit of self-organized, agile work culture where each individuals are proactively collaborating, forming different squads within the engineering team. The circles, dots and squares represent people, implying the feeling of data in an abstract way.So the animation shows how circles and squares (engineers with different roles and positions) form groups and then come apart and come together again as well as going out to work with outside clients.

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